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August 24, 2006


Dennis Howlett

Have you looked at the recent IDC report that talks about the IT investment and spend to get to Vista?

Customers need to know that a significant investment is involved and have to question whether the upgrade is giving them significantly more than they could have got from existing free or low cost services.

Ugrades are notorious for delivering poor payback so why suck money from innovation when substantially the same experience could be achieved more economically?

Stuart Allsopp

Many thanks for your response Dennis.

I think it is up to individual IT managers to weigh up the benefits of Vista against the cost to deploy, including hardware upgrades. I'm sure ROI proposals are being compiled and studied closely by businesses across the UK as we speak. It's fair to say that the typical offering from hardware vendors today is more than capable of deploying Vista, and as with XP it will become the defacto operating system for business PCs in the UK. This may not be the compelling event that is perhaps dreamed of by Microsoft, but it is absolutely clear that it is an inevitable event we all need to plan for.

Dennis Howlett

I've now seen reports indicating that M$ expects Vista to be the full employment charter for VARs over the next 5 years. They're talking $13 per $1 on Vista for hardware, support, services etc. That's just plain nuts given I can do everything Vista offers now for...$0.

And how is this going to compete with the coming online services that don't depend on any particular OS or browser? I just don't see it. Sorry.

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