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June 27, 2006


Dennis Howlett

Do you not think that a semi-enforced hardware upgrade is a bit off? Would you recommend that to a business user just to get a better UI - especially with Office?

As an aside I would've hurled chairs at Microsoft. If they can't check out the hotel first for comfort, they don't think enough about the people who are turning up - in my opinion.

Kirsty Lowe

I wouldn't recommend that personal users and businesses spend money upgrading their PCs just to run Vista. Many PCs can run Vista as they stand, so if hardware doesn't have to be updated, then I think that an upgrade on the OS to Vista would be a good choice. Especially as it has many upgraded security features that all users (personal and business) can make use of.
If a hardware upgrade was due anyway, then luckily most PCs that are now on the market are "Vista Ready".
It has to be the choice of the user/business as to whether they upgrade their hardware to run it, and the larger business upgrades aren't likely to start taking place until late next year (or whenever their PCs need to be upgraded due to wear and tear).
On another point, I would like to point out that there are many features in both Office and Vista that are not purely UI based.

Dennis Howlett

Interesting thoughts Kirsty and yes - I take your point about upgrades.

I've looked at V/O over the last few monthis so I have a view on this as you might imagine :)

I'm wondering what you'd say are the top 3 compelling reasons to go with Vista/Office other than the UI change?

What impact does it have on A-A development for instance? What would it bring to the party that adds value to your users?

Kirsty Lowe

I will be writing some more articles on the Vista and Office 2007 releases in the coming weeks, and I will go into more detail on some of the features I feel users will get the most benefit from then.

As a company used to delivering innovative products we have been researching the changes and challenges that Vista and Office bring to the party for some time. I am sure that we are not alone in considering changes to the look and feel of our Office compatible products. We are also continuing to investigate more ways we can use these new products to bring further enhancements and features to our own suite of products.

Watch this space!

Manoj Ranaweera


Well done for taking the brave step to blog. I just cannot wait till we get ebdex Document Exchange up and running and connect with the first Access Accounting user. We should have the first release available fairly soon. Then it is a matter of finding a willing Access client to prove how we remove their pain in exchanging documents with their suppliers and customers, improve cash flow, reduce disputes, etc. I will update Stephen W when I am back in UK later this month.

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